Advent – He is in the elsewhere

Advent – He is in the elsewhere!

Acts 13:35: “So it is stated elsewhere:” ‘You will not let your Holy One see decay.”

Paul is able to support all that he is saying through the use of the Old Testament scriptures.

He is using Psalm 16:10 here in this verse. They knew the sentence, he didn’t need to quote the Psalm and verse. He could say it is stated elsewhere. They knew.

What we need to remind ourselves this Advent is that Jesus is stated elsewhere not just in the nativity passages.

Genesis: Jesus who will bless the nations.

Exodus: Jesus the ‘I AM’ (bread, light, gate, good shepherd, resurrection and the life, way and the truth and the life, true vine).

Leviticus: Jesus is the Atonement

Numbers: Jesus is the High Priest.

Deuteronomy: Jesus the curse for the world

Joshua: Jesus the Captain of the army of the Lord

Judges: Jesus the just One

Ruth: Jesus our Kinsman-Redeemer

1 Samuel: Jesus the Prophet/Priest/King

2 Samuel: Jesus full of grace

1 Kings: Jesus the ruler

2 Kings: Jesus the Prophet

1 Chronicles: Jesus the Son of David

2 Chronicles: Jesus the Eternal King

Ezra: Jesus the Priest

Nehemiah: Jesus the repairer of the broken.

Esther: Jesus the Protector.

Job: Jesus the Mediator.

Psalms: Jesus the focus of praise and worship

Proverbs: Jesus is wisdom

Ecclesiastes: Jesus is the reason for life.

Song of Solomon: Jesus is love

Isaiah: Jesus the servant

Jeremiah: Jesus moved to tears

Lamentations: Jesus carrying the anger of God

Ezekiel: Jesus the Son of Man

Daniel: Jesus the 4th man in the fire.

Hosea: Jesus the faithful

Joel: Jesus the sender of the Spirit

Amos: Jesus the defender of the oppressed.

Obadiah: Jesus the Judge

Jonah: Jesus loves the lost

Micah: Jesus who forgets sin.

Nahum: Jesus our future peace

Habakkuk: Jesus who holds on to us.

Zephaniah: Jesus our sacrifice

Haggai: Jesus the desire of all nations

Zechariah: Jesus in the middle of His people

Malachi: Jesus the sun of righteousness.

Jesus is all over the Bible. He is the Word in the Word. He is elsewhere and everywhere. Paul could have spent the whole day quoting every book showing how the Messiah was portrayed and how that Messiah is Jesus.

Jesus is not restricted to a manger nor to the prophecies of Isaiah or Micah that are read at the usual Christmas services. He is elsewhere and everywhere.

Friends, we have a big Jesus!

He rules the world with truth and grace,

And gives to nations proof

The glories of His righteousness,

And wonders of His love;

And wonders of His love;

And wonders, wonders of His love.




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