Get over it

Get over it
Acts 13: 51
“So they shook the dust from their feet in protest against them and went to Iconium.”

Jesus had already told the disciples (Luke 9 and 10) that if they are not welcomed on mission to shake the dust of that town off their feet and to move on.
The Jews had a similar practice for when they had walked through Gentile regions. They would shake off the impure dust from their feet.
So reading that Paul and his team having received persecution and being expelled from the region acted in a similar way is not surprising.
This is an important lesson for all who engage with the challenges and opposition of mission. Let me sum it up in these 3 words:
Get over it.
Stuff happens. It’s not easy. You don’t get the results you deserve and at times it’s painful. Being a disciple of Christ can leave you hurting, discouraged and rejected.
You may feel that way today.
Get over it.
You can’t change what has happened so don’t take it with you into a new day. Make sure even the dust of that event is removed.
Don’t keep talking about it, thinking it through, going over the events in your mind. It has gone. Get over it.
Move on. There are new opportunities before you. New people. New results. Don’t scatter yesterday’s dust in today’s blessings.
Get over it.

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