Nothing much to report

Nothing much to report

Acts 14:25

“and when they had preached the word in Perga, they went down to Attalia”.

How strange that all we have happening in Perga is that they preached. Who preached? What happened? Signs and wonders? What was the response, good or bad? Luke doesn’t mention it. Was it seen as failure? That would be an assumption to make.

Today some Church leaders will look back on their Sunday and be able to report amazing things which happened. Some will have nothing much to report and that may be actually okay. Maybe they will just say ‘I preached’.

Today you will go to work perhaps, you will go about the same duties at home, you will do whatever you normally do on this day, nothing startling will happen. You will look back on the day and it will not have had anything special happen. There will be nothing much to report.

And that is our life. It is not about valleys or mountains but just on the plains, normal, ordinary days with nothing much to say. But we did what we are called to do. We fulfilled our responsibility. We were faithful. Sometimes we live with such great expectations of a miraculous powerful day that though we may not get that we then have to make the small mundane things sound awesome and we devalue the truly powerful moments of our lives. We need to learn that normal nothing to report days are good days also.

So go on enjoy that nothing to report day!

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