Just the same

Just the same

Acts 15:9 “He made no distinction between us and them, for he purified their hearts by faith.”

You are as loved as the next person in the eyes of God.

The other person may have had a better start in life, they may have been brought up differently, they may look like they are closer to God than you, they may speak like their salvation is more assured than yours but worry not. There is no distinction.

You may have a list of sins longer than most.

You may be weaker than the weakest.

But you have faith in Jesus and Jesus has purified your heart.

Your purity doesn’t come from the cutting of flesh or some other abstinence but from a cut of brokenness, of the need of a Saviour.

Your purity isn’t from performance but from His action on the cross.

Your purity isn’t from you, it is from Him.

Your purity isn’t announced by man but from Him.

Your purity is not yours, it is His.

But it is the same purity.

No distinction.

Just the same.

Actually, even better!

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