Acts 15: 12 “The whole assembly became silent as they listened to Barnabas and Paul telling about the signs and wonders God had done among the Gentiles through them.

Last Sunday in Church I met Cliff. He used to be part of a skinhead gang, homeless, and a violent drunkard. He had all the hallmarks to back that up. His forehead has an array of tattoos which I couldn’t work out whether they carried a message or were abstract. But he had met Jesus and now carries the hallmark of Christ. He is a follower of Jesus and has become a sign to others of what God can do in a broken man. He brings people to Church and is telling others of Jesus.

Last Sunday in the same church I met Aava, she is only 12 years of age. She comes from Finland and from a broken home. I had noticed her worshipping earlier. She was kneeling in worship with her head facing the floor. I thought how beautiful it was to see a young person worshipping in this way. Aava told me how she had a vision of Christ when she was younger. How Jesus came to her in her room and brought strength and peace to her life. She is a wonder.

Last Sunday in the same church I met Dave. He had been a missionary in The Gambia. He had been impacted by the stories I had told. He shared his own story of how the enemy broke his body when he had been captured in that nation and the pain he carries for his friends who died because of torture. But as he told his story I saw Jesus in him.

You see my friends, in your church there are stories of signs and wonders that continually need to be told.

Silence the congregation with the stories of the Church.



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