Send carefully

Send carefully

Acts 15:30

So the men were sent off and went down to Antioch, where they gathered the church together and delivered the letter.

The team arrive into Antioch and hand over the letter from the Jerusalem Church.

The letter has gone.

The email has been sent.

Whatever we write we need to make sure that once it has left our hands we have no regrets over anything that we have written. The tip is not to write in any state of high emotion.

Whatever we write we need to make sure that we give the correct letter to be delivered and to prevent any 2017 Oscar mishap when the wrong winner was announced!

Whatever we write, check it first. This last week a Columbia University sent out emails to 277 students accepting them onto their Masters programme. Then 75 minutes later they had to email again to apologise to say they were in error. The New York Times called it ‘the dumbest mistake ever’.

In finding that story above I have just waded through a whole bunch of articles on websites for ‘what to do when sending the wrong email’ ‘how to recover your ground when posting the wrong letter’. It would seem there is a whole business out there for when business goes wrong because of lack of concentration or a heated moment! All these sites give examples of apology letters to send. I never realised this happened so frequently!

These last few years one major thing I have learnt in my communication is this: sleep on it. Do it tomorrow if it so urgent that today I could get it so wrong.

So before you send anything today, think, let someone else read it, walk away from it and come back to it because once it has gone it has gone.

Actually there are stacks of websites dedicated to retrieving the email or the letter wrongfully sent. But sadly the only guaranteed way is to go to the house of the recipient and attack the postman before he delivers the letter or also you could break in to the house and hack into the recipients email accounts and then delete the email.

Takes a bit of effort though.

My recommendation is sleep on it.



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