Prophets, Preachers and People

Prophets, Preachers and People

Acts 15:32 “Judas and Silas, who themselves were prophets, said much to encourage and strengthen the believers.

Prophets are needed where the threat of performance religion exists.

Prophets are needed where division and disunity is rising.

Prophets are needed when decisions are to be made.

Prophets are needed when the people are discouraged.

Prophets are needed when hope is dying.


We need preachers who carry words from God.

We need preachers not preaching their favourite subject or spouting their latest theories.

We need preaching that comes from God that speaks into the heart of true situations.

We need preaching that says much, not necessarily the amount of words but the depth and variety of the approach to the message.

We need preaching that leaves the hearers stronger not weaker.


People need to hear and listen.

People need to believe, believers must believe!

People need to be ready to move from discouragement.


Let God work through prophets and preachers so that His people are strengthened.


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