Preachers and teachers

Preachers and teachers

Acts 15:35

“But Paul and Barnabas remained in Antioch, where they and many others taught and preached the word of the Lord.”

The circumcision issue is dealt with. Judas returns to Jerusalem with some others, Silas remains along with Paul and Barnabas.

Can you now notice what Luke records?

He doesn’t mention the salvations and healings etc and there would have been those to report about.

He focuses on the teaching and the preaching of God’s Word.

We need both today in our Churches.

Can you imagine if every Church had teachers and preachers?

There should always be an element that is shared in each, for example in teaching, what good is knowledge and understanding if there is no application towards decision? What good is preaching when calling people to live for Christ if there is no knowledge of how to do this?

But I believe we need both unique and separate gifts within the Church.

Preachers have a mixed crowd of believers and non-believers. If they used some teaching element or a theological word like ‘Trinity’ it is really important that they also take the time to explain it, but it does take up their valuable time. Teachers are generally speaking to believers who are there to receive further understanding in order to grow in their knowledge of God. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes to understand the ‘Trinity’ as that could well be what the teaching is about. However teaching always needs to move people to make a decision too.

Several years ago I appointed one of my assistants to be the teacher. I still have those notes on this laptop as I write my morning blog: Angels/Baptisms/Fasting/Heaven and Hell/Homosexuality/Islam/Predestination/Spiritual gifts/The Bible/Trinity. It was a valuable time for sure. The church may not have realised what was happening at the time but they were receiving continued preaching calling them to make decisions and then they were also receiving teaching helping them to live out those decisions for God.

Preachers and teachers are needed.

Preaching is usually monologue style from behind a pulpit whereas teaching can be a variety of styles from Q+A to classroom discussions to even interruptions within the teaching session with observations and questions.

Now that I work with Elim around the world I see one of the greatest needs of the church is for more teachers. It is the most common request. We need teaching on leadership, on the Bible, on practical ministries. I get requests even for teaching for preaching.

I love these 2 gifts. I love great preaching and great teaching. The Church needs both.


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