Acts 15:40

“but Paul chose Silas and left, commended by the believers to the grace of the Lord.”

Sometime before the disagreement between Paul and Barnabas, Judas and Silas on completing their task at the Antioch church were given the blessing of the believers to go back to Jerusalem.

Silas made the decision to stay.

Unbeknown to Silas his decision would put him in the right place for Paul to choose him as his ministry partner.

You never drift into your destiny with God. It takes decisions, choices, and personal discipline.  Ask the athlete, the musician or the artist.

I am today a product of what I decided I would be or how I would respond to matters yesterday. How I use my ability to respond today will determine what my life will be like tomorrow. This is a massive principle of life for Gods people.

There are 3 major decisions that I have succeeded in and failed in ……

  1. The decision to make the most of the moment

To make the most of the moment you must decide not to wait for the moment to change nor waste time wishing the moment had not taken place. But you firmly decide that it is not the moment which dictates how you respond, but you “who can do all things through Christ who strengthens” will take control and make the most from it.

  1. The decision to say NO.

Many of us have taken on too much because we cannot say NO to people.

Say NO to the need.

  • Unless you know why you are here everyone will demand.
  • Saying YES to God can only happen because you say NO to people.
  • Saying NO to people can only happen because you said YES to God.

Say NO to the unimportant.

  • The unimportant always cause the greatest worry and upset.
  • What you must do can be simplified to one thing.
  • The unimportant is not wrong but the important task is simply better.

Say NO to what is not right for you.

  • If you don’t say NO then the task will suffer.
  • If you don’t say NO then you will end up saying NO to something.
  • If you say NO to the important then you must take responsibility to help find someone who will say YES. Saying NO does not abdicate you from the problem.


  1. The decision to start again.

You can go back.

Many of us need to go back to the beginning. To the place of renewed dedication and commitment.

You can overcome the setback

The enemy cannot cut off what is destined to grow. Whatever level you find yourself Grace will find you.

You can come back

Many lose their way in life, they lose direction and they don’t ask for guidance.

But you are not like that, no matter what comes your way. When joy has been taken from you, you can laugh again. When dark clouds hover over you, you can find the light. When humiliation has landed at your door you can regain your dignity. No matter what comes your way, you can keep going. You can return home. You can keep living, loving, giving, receiving and working.

Today make a decision.

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