It hurts

It hurts.

Acts 16:3 “Paul wanted to take him along on the journey, so he circumcised him because of the Jews who lived in that area, for they all knew that his father was a Greek.”

We get hurt in many ways. The cut can take our breath away. We can collapse under the weight of it. However, it all sits in the plan and purpose of God for our lives.


The circumcision was not to prove Timothy’s salvation. Paul was concerned only for the reason that with Timothy’s Gentile background then the gospel may not have been received with him being uncircumcised. So the circumcision was in order to further the gospel. The pain to Timothy was worth it for he was moving into a new chapter of his life. He was going on a journey of the gospel with Paul.


If God takes you on a new journey there needs to be a cutting. Whether that is a cut of your flesh or of your heart there will be pain.

It will mark a new day, a new journey, a new direction, this is a moment of change, you will never be the same again and all that sounds wonderfully exciting, but it begins with a cut.

Yesterday was the funeral of David Tinnion, my friend and journeyman for 22 years. His death has hurt me, it cut my heart. During the days leading to his death as I was crying I said to Bobbie, his wife, “this really hurts”.

This morning she is cut in a way that only those who are also grieving over a loved one truly know.

You may have said “My life will not be the same again.” The pain is the gap now in your life. Yet the pain of losing a loved one heralds a new journey.

Today you may be hurting. The cut has hurt you.

But God is calling you for a new journey with Him in this life.

Maybe He just had to cut you. It had to happen for reasons beyond you. It was part of a much bigger picture. So even in your hurt be obedient to Him.

In your hurt embrace this new day. Don’t be swallowed by your hurt but rather move with it with also the passion that the journey requires.

One thought on “It hurts

  1. Yes it hurts to lose someone close to you. just learnt today that David has gone to glory. He was such a lovely man and great preacher with a great sense of humour. Paul you must be devastated I know he was such a great friend of yours. praying for you and remembering and thinking of Bobbie today.

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