Keep sailing.

Keep sailing.

Acts 16:11 From Troas we put out to sea and sailed straight for Samothrace, and the next day on to Neapolis.


Two years ago I had arrived at an Elim conference in a difficult country because of its terrorist activities against Christians. I hadn’t really wanted to attend but agreed because the national leader said ‘he would look after me’.

When I arrived into the town it was clear I was the only white man and wanting to keep a low profile I was a little anxious to see myself on billboards advertising the meetings.

At the commencement of the conference the national leader announced that not all the Elim churches were there in attendance. Some had given their apologies because they were afraid of the terrorists along the journey. He then went on to announce, “But this white man has risked his life to be here.” Everyone applauded but I think people may have heard my intake of breath! When he sat down next to me I said “You told me I would be safe.” His reply was shocking but made me smile, “No, I said we would look after you.” Presumably they would look after me alive or dead!

Paul and his missions team set sail from Troas across the sea. Fairly safe you might think but not back then, it was a risky way of travelling. But they did it because people needed to hear of Jesus.

Missionaries live their lives under constant threat from disease and threats. They continue because of the same passion that Paul and his team had. It is not easy. But they do it because of the love of God.

Maybe today you are facing a difficult journey. Maybe you feel alone. Maybe you are threatened by upcoming news. There is no other way if you are going to serve God but to go through this time. This is your sea.

When reading verse 11 we may focus more on the 2 places they went to, Samothrace and Neapolis. We may wonder where those places were, who lived there and what would God do. Our focus may cause us to overlook the sea travel. But maybe that is the whole point. How are we going to get through this difficult time, our ‘sea’? We do it by focusing ahead, looking to serving God and to reach others with His love.

Keep sailing today with others in mind.

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