When you cannot see or hear or make sense of it all: GOD

When you cannot see or hear or make sense of it all: GOD

Acts 16:19

“When her owners realized that their hope of making money was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities. “

Those who owned the slave girl now saw she was freed from the evil spirit. The python had left her. She would no longer tell fortunes and the result was they would no longer make money.

Satan gets angry when he loses someone from darkness to light.

The enemy of your soul only launches at you because he sees God using you for the good of others.

The enemy of your soul will at times seize you. It means to lay hold of with hands, to attach oneself to the person and to obtain by grasping. One day Simon from Cyrene was on his journey and he was seized and forced to carry the cross of Jesus. When the enemy has locked on to your life you know he is taking you some place. He has a purpose for seizing you. You may ask ‘what did I do wrong for the enemy to seize me?’ But the question is ‘what did I do right?’ You were noticed, you affected the darkness and the darkness seized you.

The enemy of your soul will at times drag you. It means to forcibly take you where you do not want to go. Within this word there is the meaning of inward power. He can drag you into despair and loneliness. You may fight against it, you may try all kinds of ways but because he has seized you he is dragging you to a certain place.

The enemy of your soul will at times put you in the place of facing accusation before the authorities. For Paul and Silas they were facing the ruling elders of the Jews. One of the groups of people who brought accusation against Jesus was the rulers and authorities of the Jews. The enemy of your soul is concerned that you realise that you are not ruling the situation, you are not in control, you do not have authority over your life and that there is an enemy who can accuse you of every sin and wrongdoing that you have ever done.

This verse today doesn’t bring any comfort to us as the enemy seizes, drags us and accuses us.

But let me ask you some questions. I don’t need to give you the answers, you know them.

Whose cross are you carrying?

Who owns the path you are going down?

Who is in control?



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