God knows your need

God knows your need

Acts 16:33 “At that hour of the night the jailer took them and washed their wounds; then immediately he and all his household were baptized.”

So let us first look at what has happened since the severe flogging that Paul and Silas had received:

Thrown into the inner cell of a prison.

Their feet fastened in stocks.

Singing hymns and praying at midnight.

Testifying to the other prisoners.

The violent earthquake.

The prison is shaken at its foundation.

Prison doors fly open and everybody’s chains came loose.

The prisoners remain in the prison, influenced by Paul and Silas, they do not run away. That point saves the Jailer from killing himself.

The jailer and his whole household hear the gospel for themselves.


There is so much activity. God is at work, Paul and Silas are working and the Jailer is also active, along with the other characters, the prisoners and the household.

Yet through it all Paul and Silas are still bleeding, hurt and wounded.

Friends, this is a simple truth for you today. God knows about your wounds. Your world may have so much activity in it. People may have forgotten what happened to you. Some may simply not know because on the surface you may look strong and full of joy. But God knows. He does not forget. He can see your wounds.

There is no guarantee on the time. You may have to continue for weeks, months or many years. Yet God has a plan. He has someone who will wash your wounds. They are in the story of your life. You may hurt today but tomorrow someone will bind up your wounds. God knows you cannot do life alone. He is with you and will bind up the wounds of your heart and body and He has someone perhaps very unlikely ready to do just this.


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