Let us alarm the enemy

Let us alarm the enemy

Acts 16:38 “The officers reported this to the magistrates, and when they heard that Paul and Silas were Roman citizens, they were alarmed. “

Power, rights and authority, this is what Paul and Silas had as Roman citizens which they now only make known after they have been severely flogged and thrown into a dark prison cell fastened to stocks. They legally should not have been flogged nor thrown in prison and the magistrates who ordered it now knew it. Worse than that, those who ordered the punishment without a fair trial were now in danger of punishment themselves. They were alarmed and they needed to be.

The enemy of your soul knows that you are a citizen of heaven. Paul states we have such a citizenship in Philippians 3:20. The whole of the New Testament is a journey of the revealing of that citizenship. It contains teaching regarding:

  • We are new creations in Christ
  • The Holy Spirit is living within and we are His Temple.
  • We are being transformed to be more like Jesus
  • Our attention is on eternal things not the temporary earthly things.
  • We are ambassadors to this earth, it is not our home nor our destiny.

Literally there is no end to the list regarding our citizenship. However it can be understood in those 3 elements of power, rights and authority.

What alarmed the magistrates was not just that Paul and Silas were Roman citizens, but that Paul and Silas knew they were and were apparently beginning to talk with that citizenship firmly in mind.

That is exactly the same today. The enemy of your soul does not get alarmed at who you are in Christ. But what alarms him is when you begin to voice this, move in it and begin to declare changes because of who you are. This is what alarms him!

2 thoughts on “Let us alarm the enemy

  1. Good morning Paul. Just to say how much I appreciate your devotional blogs. Really enjoyed your insights in Acts! Have a blessed day.

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