Acts 17:1 “1 When they had passed through Amphipolis and Apollonia, they came to Thessalonica, where there was a Jewish synagogue.”


Today I am in Chennai with colleagues who have been training Pastors and leaders. Over the last few years we have trained thousands of leaders. There are thousands still waiting. We have been talking how best to do this with limited resources of personnel and finance. We have been talking strategy.


Recently I was talking with a missionary who was struggling with the passion needed for where they were placed. It happens. Thankfully at the end of the Skype call the missionary was already beginning to be energised again. How? We talked strategy for the next 12 months.


We move into a new chapter today and we read how Paul, Silas and Timothy travel over 100 miles to Thessalonica. They pass through 2 cities which were apparently beautiful and significant. Nothing happens in these 2 cities. They seem uninterested to do any gospel work there. Why? I believe because of strategy. Thessalonica was the capital of Macedonia, a major seaport and trade route. It was here where the gospel could be taken to the whole province.

The point is sometimes you have to walk past what is beautiful and significant in order to be strategic for what is best.

How far and how wide can you see? Look further. How will you impact your world? How will you fulfil your Father’s will? How can you do more? The answer is always strategy. Find some paper and pen and get a plan today.


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