Tomorrow happens as a result of today

Tomorrow happens as a result of today.

Acts 17:12 As a result, many of them believed, as did also a number of prominent Greek women and many Greek men.

As a result …

… Of the believers in Thessalonica sending Paul and Silas to Berea

… Of Paul and Silas going straight to the synagogue on their arrival

… Of the daily preaching by the team

… Of the Bereans searching in their Scriptures themselves

Many believed!

I wake this morning the day after the ending of our missionary conference which was truly amazing with such great responses too many to list! I realise all that happened because of the many things before, again too many to list!

You get my point.

Today may just be an average kind of day and you do your average kind of thing. Or today could be quite important because you may be working for something that will happen tomorrow, but today is still not the event it is just working towards something. Today could even be a day that you were not expecting and you have had to adjust to that fact.


Working towards something


Three words that are not headline news!

But these three words are essential. For tomorrow will come and the day after tomorrow you will be sitting with a coffee and be thankful to God not only for the results but for the ‘as a result’ moments that just had to happen beforehand. For tomorrow happens as a result of today.


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