What to do when in the line of fire

What to do when in the line of fire.

Acts 17:14 “The believers immediately sent Paul to the coast, but Silas and Timothy stayed at Berea.”

The team breaks up. Two can stay but the leader has to leave.

It is only temporary though at the time Silas and Timothy do not know this.

The leader has gone for now. He has been sent. They have stayed.

Paul is in Athens alone.

His ministry of late can be described as reaching the highs and lows. The adrenaline of success coupled with the subsequent attacks of the enemy can leave a leader drained. Was Paul drained? Luke doesn’t say and the reason for having to leave was obviously more that the threat on Paul by the Jews was bringing the young Church into dangers. The more successful Paul was the more the attacks came upon him and the Church. Sometimes that is hard to sustain. Sometimes you just have to leave.

If you notice you are the target then:

  1. Get some believers to decide on a course of action with you, be accountable.
  2. Act immediately, it is not going to get better or easier.
  3. Get away from the situation.
  4. Protect what you are leaving by appointing your replacement.




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