In the past … but now

In the past …. but now
Acts 17:30. “In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.”

Paul continues and is heading to his finale, that is Jesus.
However, this morning I want to share something that was laid on my heart as I read this. 

Today I am at my mother-in-laws house because I am helping to move her from a house she has lived in for 49 years in to a bungalow. It will be an emotional day I am sure as 49 years is a whole lot of memories. In the house for 49 years, BUT NOW, the bungalow. It is a new chapter, a new day.
So that’s what I want to share. Five words: In the … but now.
We all have a past and (check your pulse), we all are in the now. 

Can you move in the now moments ? Or are you stuck in the past?
Can you honour the past and not have to rubbish it? Can you carry the past for wisdom sake but also know this is the NOW time?
Can you begin again? In the past you were a different person to now. Now you have changed. You have changed not to live in the past but for now. 
In the past you may have been defeated but now is the time to try again. 
In the past your church had great moves of God but now the church is ready for God to do even greater acts.
You may like to stay in the past but now is for moving in the present in order to create a future. 
But now is a new moment, a new day that you have never seen before. In the past you were prepared for this very time. Psalm 118 tells us to rejoice in this now moment, in this new day, for the Lord has made it. 
In the past … but now. Whatever that means for you may today be a moving day and may it be God who moves in and through you as you move with love and grace towards others. 

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