Get to work!

Get to work!

Acts 18:4 Every Sabbath he reasoned in the synagogue, trying to persuade Jews and Greeks.


I do like the Message which uses the words ‘doing his best’ in this verse. The Apostle Paul was doing his best. He was trying his hardest in his work.

Here is the New Testament leader who moved in the power of the Spirit and we are told he was working hard, doing his best, trying.

Here is a key to life: work hard!

Some people are part time with things that need full time attention.

If you only work half-heartedly then your results will show it.

Some travel the world to find the strategies for success or to receive some special anointing to bring about remarkable results which only come through sheer hard work.

Some people are praying for a move of God when actually a move of God’s people is needed. Why should God work when His people are lazy?

If a worker deserves his wages (1 Tim 5:18) then sadly perhaps we should be saving more money in Christian ministries?

Why should we be talking about rest and taking a Sabbath when work is in decline?

Those who don’t see what they long to see have most probably stopped working for what they saw a long time ago.

Some retire though they were never tired because they never put a shift in.

Maybe today some people are just one day of work away from their breakthrough but they have decided not to show up.

Let’s work.


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