Acts 18:14 “Just as Paul was about to speak, Gallio said to them, ‘If you Jews were making a complaint about some misdemeanour or serious crime, it would be reasonable for me to listen to you”.

Don’t believe everything. Nonsense is all around you.

There was no crime. This was nonsense (see the Message).

For the on-looker it is nonsense:

We will never know what Paul was about to say but it would have been a defence of what Gallio saw were charges of nonsense. It was another Jewish squabble. Bickering that he didn’t want to be involved with.

Paul opened his mouth but no words were needed. God was using Gallio to speak and his voice carried a greater authority. In 2001 standing in a court of an employment tribunal as a staff member was bringing his charges against me I heard the words, “There is no case to answer.” It was the end of over a year of nonsense.

For the grieved it is nonsense:

The next time we are tempted to carry a personal grievance maybe we need to step back and ask is this just nonsense? Get the big picture, invite someone in. Is this serious? Many times all that has happened is that we have been offended. Feelings are there to be hurt and if they get hurt then it shows you are not dead. This is good news. So get over yourself you are not that important. This is a rule I try to live by.

For the accused it is nonsense:

Gallio was saying in effect “Paul be quiet, this is nonsense, I will deal with it.” He didn’t say that but you can see why I think this way. Have you ever received a letter or an email (accusations are often done not face to face!) of grievance? As you read the message all you can see are the words ‘Disappointed’, ‘let me down’, ‘you have failed’. Sometimes these brave people do pick up the phone. I remember a phone call I took in 1996. I had just announced I was leaving my church to go to Pastor another one. A really lovely lady, a faithful member and servant of the church called me and all I can remember is the many expletives in what she said! I have never heard so many in one sentence. She was offended that we were leaving the church. It is okay not to defend yourself. It is okay to open your mouth but not say anything. It is okay to look at the charges and think this is nonsense.

Maybe today will be a day of nonsense and that is okay! Enjoy!

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