Acts 18:23 “After spending some time in Antioch, Paul set out from there and travelled from place to place throughout the region of Galatia and Phrygia, strengthening all the disciples.”

Paul decided not to sail but to go by land and visit the churches. The purpose was to make those disciples stronger.

I have a new friend, he is a Pastor but also a fitness trainer. I like him a lot. But 2 days ago I didn’t like him too much as he gave me a fitness session. I haven’t had a personal fitness session before. It hurt. It hurt the next day too. I felt my body ache in places I didn’t think it could ache. His name  is Reenu and he wants to try and renew my body!

The exercises he gives me are meant to strengthen my body. This finely toned body of muscle challenges me by saying that his body used to look like my body and that I can change!

In 2 weeks time I will once again submit myself to 3 Pastors who will gather around me to challenge my vision, my plans, my spiritual well-being and the hours I spend in work,rest and play. I created this group 4 years ago because I wanted to be the best I could in what was then a whole new chapter for my life.

A few days before this I will have a one to one with my boss who will go even further in stretching my thinking and who at the moment is getting me to imagine what could possibly be.

In all 3 of these scenarios at times it is uncomfortable being vulnerable, but it has to happen in order that I become stronger.

Every day the Bible strengthens me as I read the beautiful Scriptures. But I need people, I always have. Over the years some have left me and I have had to move on from some but new friends come and they impact me positively.

Let me just leave you with 2 questions today:

Who strengthens you?

Who do you strengthen?


2 thoughts on “Strengthening

  1. My good friend you are indeed a good missionnary and also a good IMD , I follow what the Lord is doing through your ministry, I am grateful to him, May He strengten you in your work as you strengten others to do the work of the ministry. Aps Ebenezer Appia (your good friend)

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