At the end of the way … God

At the end of the way … God

Acts 19:20  “In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.”

And that is what the word of the Lord should be doing. Spreading widely and growing in power.

Luke brings this scene to an end. We have seen Paul having to put up with the stubbornness of the Jews and then read of the seven sons of the priest being beaten up by a demon who hadn’t recognised their supposed power. The latter event shook the city. We come to a close before the scene changes and Luke reassures us once again as he does throughout Acts that the Lord is in control. His word is spreading and growing in power.

There is no word greater than the word of the Lord. There is no power greater than that of the Lord.

God allows ways and events to happen so that His glory is demonstrated. His power always outweighs other powers.

What is the way that you are on today? What is on that way? Does it contain your enemy? Is their sickness, disappointments, anxieties on that way? Are there shadows hanging over that way and you know you have to walk that way, there is no other route? Fear not. He is with you. More importantly at the end of this way is the spread of the gospel and its power. This is not triumphalism but my message is this, we serve a triumphant God who will have the last word.

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