Worship with no business

Worship with no business.

Acts 19: 25 “He called them together, along with the workers in related trades, and said: “You know, my friends, that we receive a good income from this business.”

Demetrius, the silversmith who made shrines of Artemis gathered all the tradesmen in the city together for he was clearly concerned by the effect of Pauls gospel on his business. That is what we will see.

But in this verse today we read about an interesting aspect of worship. It is this: worship can produce business and good business at that. They received a good income from making artefacts of Artemis for the people to use in their worship.

Of course this was false worship and we roll our eyes at it.

However, what about our true worship of God?

What is in it for us? Do we gain? Are we profiting? Have you ever heard it being said referring to a Sunday worship service, “I’m not getting anything out of this”?

The truth is wherever there is worship, business is not far behind. The business of profit and gain.

True worship is selfless for it comes out of the selfless death of Jesus.

May today be a day of worship with no business.

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