The gospel challenges …

The gospel challenges …

Acts 19:27 “There is danger not only that our trade will lose its good name, but also that the temple of the great goddess Artemis will be discredited; and the goddess herself, who is worshiped throughout the province of Asia and the world, will be robbed of her divine majesty.”

The gospel challenges personal loss – “our trade will lose its good name” – some will not respond to the gospel because they do not want to bow the knee in surrender.

The gospel challenges community loss – “(our) temple will be discredited” – some will use what may be special in the heart of the community/family as the reason not to give it up for the gospel.

The gospel challenges cultural loss – “throughout the province of Asia” – some will use the argument of ‘everybody does it, this is who we are’ as the reason why the gospel should not be allowed to infiltrate the culture and change it.

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