Have you been pushed?

Have you been pushed?

Acts 19:33 “The Jews in the crowd pushed Alexander to the front, and they shouted instructions to him. He motioned for silence in order to make a defence before the people.”

Have you been pushed?

The Ephesus crowd was out of control. No one knew really why they were there or who was meant to be taking charge. In fact there was no control. Worse than this but those who started this frenzy, the Jews, were now worried that the people of the city on hearing of Paul’s gospel challenging their goddess Artemis would think they were part of his team also. So they pushed Alexander forward to state the case that the Jews were certainly not like these Christians and were on the side of the city dwellers. Whether or not Alexander wanted this privileged position isn’t clear but I would imagine he had a degree of reluctance.

In my denomination in the UK there are times as ministers that we have to send in a postal vote regarding a matter. Every year in our annual business meeting scrutineers are appointed to count these votes. This means they have to travel to HQ to count the votes during the year. The appointment of the scrutineers is done with great hilarity as names are shouted out and if they are seconded (usually done by the person next to whoever has shouted out the name) then it is voted upon and the new scrutineer who may have been totally unaware his name had been mentioned has moved into a whole new ministry for their life. Of course I never indulge in such carnal and immature behaviour. I haven’t yet met a scrutineer who wrote to HQ to ask if they could take up such a position. They are all pushed.

Have you been pushed? How did I get to this point? Unsure whether it is the pressure of others and even a lack of desire for others to do what they are asking you to do today. Who has pushed you? Is this a conviction of the Spirit?

Be who God wants you to be. Do what God wants you to do. Being pushed as an encouragement is one thing and we all need some of that. But being pushed because no one else wants it or you just happened to get the short straw is not going to turn out too good.


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