Will you learn to ask the question?

Will you learn to ask the question?

Acts 19:37 “You have brought these men here, though they have neither robbed temples nor blasphemed our goddess.”

How easy it would have been for the city clerk to have exaggerated or presumed that Paul and his team had done greater damage than they had. He kept his head, he worked through the accusation and saw that actually Paul had not done much wrong at all. He hadn’t robbed from their temple and he hadn’t blasphemed Artemis. So what were the charges that Demetrius was bringing? It didn’t add up.

It takes wisdom to think through the arguments and not to presume when you have nothing to gain from it. The city clerk didn’t need to defend Paul.

The next time that someone brings a case against someone else. Then just pause long enough to ask yourself ‘well what did they not do?’ Maybe the case isn’t strong enough. Maybe it is just an opinion and some hurt feelings. Be aware of what is being presented to you and learn to ask questions of everything.

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