Is there anything else?


Is there anything else?

Acts 19:39 “If there is anything further you want to bring up, it must be settled in a legal assembly.”

Is there anything else?

The city clerk has challenged Demetrius who had brought Pauls gospel team into the city arena. Demetrius hadn’t planned for this. But he had got it all wrong. He had overstepped the mark.

The city clerk wasn’t asking for more accusation. I am sure Demetrius would have gladly provided. He was simply saying if you have anything else then you must go through the proper channels.

Some people carry grievances in their heart and instead of dealing with them in a right and just way, they use social media to air those hurts. If it matters that much and you know you will not settle then bring it to the proper place. If it is about a person then you can start there face to face not facebook. If it is a Church matter, start with the elders.

But if possible maybe the best thing would be to let go of whatever you still have in your heart against someone.

Don’t take prisoners and don’t carry burdens too heavy for you.

Is there anything else? No.

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