The cajonist

The cajonist

Acts 20:4 “He was accompanied by Sopater son of Pyrrhus from Berea, Aristarchus and Secundus from Thessalonica, Gaius from Derbe, Timothy also, and Tychicus and Trophimus from the province of Asia.”

The magnificent seven accompanied Paul as he heads back to Jerusalem. Five of them we may recognise but nothing much is known about Sopater and Secundus. Of course many have interesting ideas. But maybe it is not the other things that they are known for except this one important trait that we read today, they accompanied Paul.

Last night I attended a youth camp meeting and the drummer caught my eye a lot within worship. He wasn’t playing the drums but a cajon, a box that he sat on and leant forward and hitting the front of the box made a great sound. I have seen them before, my son plays one. He sat there accompanying everyone else. He never got the melody, never got the attention, people were not following him, he was following them. But without him the sound would have been less than it was. Without him the song may have lost its way. The band was better for the cajonist. Of course, he had to be good and he was, not everyone can accompany well. I suppose some can lag behind because they are sulking. Some can speed up because they don’t agree. Some can hit the cajon so loudly that they no longer accompany but they take over. Some can hardly hit it at all and in their timidity they may as well not bothered turning up.

Are you accompanying someone today? If you are then make sure you do it well. A good cajonist will say ‘life is not all about the cajon, but without the cajon life is duller.’ That’s what it is to accompany someone.


2 thoughts on “The cajonist

  1. Buenísimo Pastor Paul… Un saludo para usted y familia… Es de mucha bendición para mi vida sus devocionales diarios… Saludos de Chile Yaritza! 👍🎤

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