Taking a longer journey

Taking a longer journey

Acts 20: 6 “But we sailed from Philippi after the Festival of Unleavened Bread, and five days later joined the others at Troas, where we stayed seven days.”

The magnificent seven had already gone ahead and Paul remained behind, as did Luke.

From Philippi they sailed for 5 days. Today you can get to the other side of the world in less than a day. To travel five days is a cruise!

But it gave time for Luke to be with Paul and to listen and understand him.

Maybe like me, you just have to take longer journeys. My mind works in this way: if I can get there quicker then I can get more done or I could get done and then go and do something else in the same time it would take in going slower. My journeys are too short. My GPS tells me the time it will take to get there and I try and beat the GPS time! People who know me know that in recent years I have begun to walk faster. It doesn’t matter where I am, I have found if I walk faster then all is well. When in an airport I find the challenge thrilling as the crowds all are walking as fast as they can to get to their gates.

I think by having shorter journeys I will not miss other potential things to do. But what am I missing by not taking longer journeys?

Maybe you are not like me!

Today I am about to get in my car for a journey that will take 3 hours 39 minutes. I have decided not to try and beat that time. Now that will be success! I might even stop along the way. This is radical! But I have decided also that I will try and learn something new in that 3 hours 39 minutes. I will try and appreciate and I will be open to anything that I might have missed.

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