Vision 2020: No hesitation!

Vision 2020: No hesitation!
Acts 20:20 “You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you but have taught you publicly and from house to house”.
Elims General Superintendent, Chris Cartwright, recently announced Vision 2020. “The Holy Spirit has brought us to a chairos moment, a fresh season of spirit empowered mission. Imagine Elim’s future together making disciples, planting and growing churches, developing leaders and reaching nations. Join us on a 3-year adventure of mission to bring transformation to communities and nations. One movement, one mission.”
This has given a fresh impetus to move forward and for my leadership it has fuelled the vision to go into new nations. I have just come back from an amazing trip in Pakistan where Elim has now officially been launched. We are church planting in 3 provinces and have a leadership school there. From this nation we will be able to launch into Afghanistan, Iran and China. The countries in this region are not easy ones for the gospel and what I witnessed this last week I definitely see Pakistan as part of the Suffering Church. But we have to advance with no hesitation remembering that we overcome the enemy with “the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” (Revelation 12:11)
Hesitation happens when we think of ourselves or of others that love us. Hesitation happens when we think of what we might lose. But if we have given everything up for Christ, if we have laid down our life then we don’t have a life to lose. Hesitation holds the cause lightly. But when the cause of Christ is all and everything then hesitation cannot breathe.
David Brainerd, missionary to the native Indians in North America: “Consumed with passion for the pagan Indians, I cared not when or how I lived or what hardships I endured so that I could gain souls for Christ. While I was asleep I dreamt of such things and when I awakened the first thing I thought of was winning souls to Christ.”
Our Lord “resolutely set out for Jerusalem.” Luke 9:51
Jesus knew the time. There was no hesitation.
The opportunity to utilise your life, to offer your talents, to give love, to breathe out joy, to make some ones day, to worship God, to go into all the world is NOW. Open your eyes to see the clock face. It is time to rise up and be that man and woman.
Every week people are leaving churches to live a life empty of the power of God, of His anointing, of His fruit. Elsewhere on every continent in the world there are people who have no sense of love. There are millions of people who are very close to God but might as well be millions of miles away because they reject Jesus Christ, the Son of God. These millions are nice people, they are ignorant, they are deceived and they are blind. Once enlightened oh how thankful they are! I have seen it and it is convincing and it destroys any hesitation! We have to go and we have to send, we have to pray and we have to give.
I returned from Pakistan with a need in my heart for a church planter who along with his family have been beaten badly and face constant persecution and if people knew the truth about his conversion he would lose his life. I came back with a promise to meet their need and as I drove home from the airport I received news that a donor’s regular gift which actually matches the need, is having to withdraw. Whatever the circumstance for that donor I have sympathy with I am sure. But this is not the time to withdraw, to back down, this is the time to advance with prayer, giving and going. This is not the time to play safe, to count our coins, to worry about whether we are getting the best interest, to feather our nests on earth. This is the time to empty our nests. The world needs Jesus!
Where is the Church? The problem is not a western problem. The Church in Pakistan is in need of a new culture of leadership. There are many that have been spoiled by western mission. We need the Church to rise and be the body of Christ. But it is true all over the world. There are Christians where Christ cannot be seen; Leaders with no one following them; Pastors scattering not gathering; Evangelists not winning people; Intercessors not weeping; Missionaries who have lost their mission.
The day is short, the hour is late and people’s lives are being wasted, our enemy is deceiving, hurting and killing people’s destiny. A lost eternity is real.
No one knows who actually quoted this but here is the truth:
“Upon the plains of hesitation are the bleached bones of countless millions, who on the threshold of victory sat down to wait. And in waiting they died.”
How can we hesitate? How can we turn back? How can we not go? How can we think of ourselves more than the gospel?
There must be no hesitation either to pray, to give or to go. No hesitation because this is Vision 2020. The Acts 20:20 vision “I have not hesitated”.

4 thoughts on “Vision 2020: No hesitation!

  1. Thank you for your ongoing work in mission and these blogs Paul. It’s so encouraging to hear the word together with your stories. I especially like this part: “But if we have given everything up for Christ, if we have laid down our life then we don’t have a life to lose.”
    Bless you!
    (PS David Brainerd was a missionary to Native Indians in North America)

  2. Dear Rev. Paul what a powerful massage and devotion for today, i am really immpressed by the your thougts of hesitation for vision 2020. Yes Paksitan is very much hard country for christians but we have to accomplished the mission of gospel not even in pakistan but also in srounding nations as well.
    Its really wonderful meeting with you and prayering for success of Elim in Pakistan.
    we al together have to work for the glory of God and love of Jesus Christ.
    God bless you.

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