Nothing but the gospel

Nothing but the gospel

Acts 20: 24 “ However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”

Paul was born for the gospel of Jesus.
He ate, slept, breathed and talked all the time of the gospel of Jesus.
His every waking moment was spent thinking about the impact of the gospel of Jesus.
When he went to sleep he dreamt of the gospel of Jesus.
He was consumed with the gospel of Jesus.
His only aim in life was the gospel of Jesus.
Nothing mattered, no other interests or concerns even for his own life because his only want and need was the gospel of Jesus.
In my first few years of pastoring a church I had a couple who were the youth leaders. With their passion, their constant energy, the fact that they had no time to chat about other ‘important’ issues but young people, in no time at all my small Church had more young people than adults. In fact we were reaching twice the amount of young people.
Several years later I was energised by one of my assistants who would find a way to talk about the gospel at every opportunity. Even to the extent of being in the bakery and talking to the shop assistant about Jesus being ‘the bread of life’. We laughed about his dedication together but I was moved by his passion.
Some of my missionaries that are seeing the greatest results are forever talking about the gospel of Jesus. They introduce the gospel to everyone they meet.
The Suffering Church do not have the luxury of leadership conferences and worship-fests. They don’t have the shelves of books and the access to the latest ideology. They only have the gospel.
I think of one of our Pastors who works in a desert and who walks 20km every day in extraordinary temperatures with a book of drawings that illustrate the bible stories (a book that when I saw it a week ago was falling apart!), he does it because he considers his life worth nothing to him compared to being a gospel worker. He has nothing. He doesn’t have qualifications. He has no transport. He has very few possessions. In the eyes of the world and even the Western Christian world he is nothing. But this beautiful man would agree with that opinion. He has become nothing for the gospel. But this amazing gospel-carrier is richer, more experienced and effective than many. Being with this man last week made me realise that when the gospel consumes us then nothing else really matters. It is the gospel of Jesus and He becomes all in all.

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