Influence without leverage.

Influence without leverage 
Acts 21:9 “He had four unmarried daughters who prophesied.”
The Evangelist had daughters who prophesied. 
A few months ago a couple came up to me after a church service and asked me to pray for their child. But they wanted a specific prayer. “He’s going to be a Pastor.” They wanted me to pray for him to be an anointed Pastor. But first they had to catch him as being only 4 years old he was running around the church as fast as he could. How someone’s future could be decided at such an age is quite worrying. I suppose they take the examples from the prophets of Old called before they were born even. 
Throughout their childhood my children have played at ‘church services’. Whatever happened at church they copied at home. From worship bands to me preaching (this was called shouting by them) baptisms on the bed and during a season of Holy Spirit activity they would enjoy pushing each other over. 

Today the fact that both of them are serving God in different churches doesn’t reveal their struggle to be who they are and more importantly who God wanted them to be and not because their father is a leader. 

I have learnt that parents need to step back and allow children to be different and yet st the same time have some positive influence. 

You see Philip had influence over his daughters. Paul believed that being single meant for a greater opportunity to be devoted to Christ. Philips daughters were committed to Christ and His Church. They prophesied just as Joel predicted that our sons and daughters would do. They were not afraid to speak the word of God. 

But they weren’t Evangelists. 

Influence without leverage is our greatest legacy to the next generation.

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