Trouble and comfort

Trouble and comfort

Acts 21:27 “When the seven days were nearly over, some Jews from the province of Asia saw Paul at the temple. They stirred up the whole crowd and seized him”

This is just typical isn’t it? So here is Paul who has followed orders from James and the elders who on being worried that the Jews in Jerusalem would rise up against Paul because they had been told he was pulling the Gentiles away from the law of Moses, asked Paul to support a purification rites ceremony and to pay for the Nazirite vows of 4 men. This was going to show the Jews of Jerusalem that Paul was not who they had been told he was. So then who was it who created the trouble? Who was it who stirred up the crowd? Was it the Jews of Jerusalem?!

Watch out for those on the outside of the situation.

Watch out for those on the banks of the river.

The critics are not often found on the field but from those who don’t go but watch.

Trouble comes from places you least expect.

Paul was seen and we don’t need a script to know the kind of thing that was said, “How dare he come into this temple that he defiles?!” The plan had been that Paul would be seen and the Jews of Jerusalem would say, “the rumours are wrong, Paul does not speak against the temple, here he is worshipping in it.”

The best laid plans can go adrift because of people who seem to be on a mission to judge everyone but themselves.

And yet this verse ends with a comforting thought. Check it again. We might think the word seized is negative. Well it is. Until we remember that this is the commencement of the prophecy of Agabus about to come true. He prophesied that Paul would be seized. Therefore, may the enemy of our lives do their best but they are just a pawn in God’s fore-sight and sovereignty! It is okay, nothing surprises our God!


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