Crowds can be dangerous places

Crowds can be dangerous places

Acts 21:29 “(They had previously seen Trophimus the Ephesian in the city with Paul and assumed that Paul had brought him into the temple.)”

The Jews from Asia (most probably Ephesus) had one thing in mind and that was to discredit Paul and to remove him. They had seen Paul in the temple with some men worshipping as part of a Nazirite vow they were keeping. Their interpretation of what they were seeing was only partly true. They had previously seen Paul with a non-Jew, Trophimus, now they assumed he was one of the four men in the temple with Paul and this defiling it, he wasn’t.

They assumed. They took for granted what appeared to be true but there was no proof that it was so.

The crowd was so large that they easily believed it to be true because they had already been fed a lie that Paul was denouncing the laws of Moses.

We must be careful when with our large groups of friends that we do not just accept everything that is set before us as the gospel truth. In those settings we may not even get the opportunity to question what is being passed around as certainty and even if we did we may feel intimidated to be the only one to question the position. Large groups are feeding grounds for untruths and assumptions.

May we never fall in with the crowd and feed on whatever the crowd is feeding on simply because we want to fall in line.

May we be free from assumption and may we remain fixed on only what is true.

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