Not everyone will vote for you

Not everyone will vote for you

Acts 21:36  “The crowd that followed kept shouting, “Away with him!”

Rule number 1 (maybe) of leadership: not everyone will want to follow.

I have recently been dealing with a situation where one leader went to another leader with a word from God. It wasn’t a word of encouragement but it was “God wants you to finish and leave.” Why God went through a third party for this message is a strange thing!

The crowd truly felt the same. But worse than that. God wanted Paul dead!

There will always be people who want you out of position.

For all kinds of selfish reasons they will want to get rid of you.

You are a disturbance to them, your presence a provocation, your words a challenge and the only way to deal with this if not to engage is to do away with you.

They will want your marriage to end.

They will want your friends to walk away.

They will want your popularity to decline.

They will want you to lose that job.

They seek your demotion not promotion. They will even use God’s name.

It’s gone on since the days of Cain and it won’t change.

But God has your back and you are in His plan. The voice to listen to is not “Away with him” but that of the King who says “I’m with you!”


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