Stand by me

Stand by me

Acts 22:13 “He stood beside me and said, “Brother Saul, receive your sight!” And at that very moment I was able to see him.”

The focus is definitely on the fact that Saul received his sight back and it was Ananias who God used. However, I have not been able to move from the words, ‘He stood beside me’.

Maybe today like me you are thankful for those who stood beside you even for a season. They may not be here anymore but you remember with fondness when it just seemed like God sent them to you to stand beside you. Much was achieved as you were strengthened by their presence.

Luke only uses these words in his gospel when 2 angels stand beside the women outside the tomb, to announce Jesus was not there (24:4) and at the ascension when they stand beside the disciples and announce Jesus will return (Acts 1:10) and finally when an angel stood beside Paul in a dream and said he would survive the storm in order to stand trial before Caesar (Acts 27:23). On each of these occasions other than Ananias it was angels standing beside God’s people. The wording is Luke’s only, it is not used elsewhere.

Ananias stood beside Saul and did what the angels had done, he announced good news, ‘receive your sight’. Healing was coming from God and the announcement was also an instruction to receive this gift.

I pray today we will stand beside someone and that we will be able to announce good news to someone.

2 thoughts on “Stand by me

  1. Was really blessed with these words today.
    “He stood beside me” I think of all the people over the years who have stood beside me in the dark days,eg; Cancer.Thank God for their patience,love and prayers.

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