A witness

A witness

Acts 12: 15 “You will be his witness to all men of what you have seen and heard.”

It is a joy, privilege but equally a huge challenge to be ‘his witness’.

Paul belonged to God. His witness. Why God chose someone so unqualified for this task we cannot fathom other than if we look in the mirror ourselves! God chooses transformed broken and sinful people who are totally reliant on His grace to confuse and even offend the masses.

Paul represented God and in this context more importantly, Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament God chose prophets, priests and kings to represent Him. Then God came in the form of a man, the Son of Man and witnessed to the world who He was. Jesus said to the apostles what He said to Paul, “you will be my witnesses” and now for the best bit …. He has chosen you and me to witness for Him.

The word witness is so much more than speaking. It is living your life so that God can be seen and for the apostles, for Paul and for many in the world today it is being prepared to die for what you have seen and heard.

May you enter today with a willing heart to live for Christ and witness for Him and a readiness to even surrender and die during that witness.






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