The surprising GO!

The surprising GO!

Acts 22: 21 “Then the Lord said to me, “Go; I will send you far away to the Gentiles.”’

In verse 18 God had told Paul “Quick, leave ..”

Paul then describes how he put things on hold trying to convince God that he would be okay in Jerusalem because he was one with the Jews. He had been part of their persecution of the Christians even there partaking at the death of Stephen.

God doesn’t need convincing.

He is always right.

“Go, I will send you far away to the Gentiles”

Can you hear the GO again today?

Yes it may be surprising what is opening up to you. The thought of going to the Gentiles wasn’t an obvious one for Paul. But the GO won’t go away. You know you have to do this. It is a choice but it isn’t a choice. If he remains Lord of your life you have to go.

God is shifting Pauls thinking.

When we say YES to God we have to leave and that is where it can be very slow though God wants us to move fast, presumably because He knows the attachments we have can make it so difficult to say goodbye. But when we say YES we also know there is no other way, we have to be sent by HIM and we have to GO forward. Sometimes we don’t have all the details sorted out. We just know it is far away and to another people group, the Gentiles.

Maybe someone today is hearing GO. A change of direction, a new day is on the horizon, you are going to have to GO.

And maybe it is nothing as dramatic as that of Paul. Maybe it is simply leaving your comfort zone to take the gospel to your neighbour. But it is such a big task you might as well be going to the furthest parts of the world.

The sustaining key to your future is knowing that this is not your idea or you are not going because of a career opportunity or promotion. No, you are going because GOD is sending you. When it gets tough, when you have second thoughts, you will be able to counter these because you know He who called you has sent you.



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