A smack in the mouth

A smack in the mouth

Acts 23:2 ” At this the high priest Ananias ordered those standing near Paul to strike him on the mouth.”

Paul defending himself says he has done no wrong but that he has fulfilled his duty before God and has a clear conscience.
His punishment was being punched in the mouth.
What a shock for Paul!
He had just a few seconds to prepare himself and then came the smack and it hurt no doubt.
How do you prepare yourself to be hurt? Seconds or minutes or hours does it actually matter how long you have? You know it’s coming.
Paul was punched in the mouth. Ananias wanted to shut Paul up so that’s why he was hit in the mouth.
The enemy of your soul will always try and shut you up and to close down your cause.
You state you are doing the will of God and your enemy will try to shut you up.
You state you are cleansed, forgiven and free and your enemy will try and silence you.
You see, this hurt can be self-inflicted. If you get serious about your walk with God then the hurt won’t be too far from you.
Those in battle expect that at some point it is more than possible that they will be shot at, injured and hurt.
So maybe it was not a complete shock for Paul, perhaps he was half expecting it. If he was then it certainly didn’t make him cautious or slow him down.
Maybe the time we have between the news of the hurt coming and actually arriving is easier to handle because we are simply not surprised, this is part of the course for those who on mission. So bring it on! Oh and don’t forget to duck!

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