Line-up with the offended and you could be standing with the hypocrite.

Line-up with the offended and you could be standing with the hypocrite.

Acts 23:4 “Those who were standing near Paul said, “You dare to insult God’s high priest?”

Those standing near had heard the High priest order the unscriptural launch of hitting Paul before a trial.
They had seen the striking of Paul.
They had heard Paul accuse Ananias of hypocrisy.
Now they had to make a decision of who to support. They chose Ananias.

Position often trumps behaviour.
We regularly see the powerful leaders of commerce, media, film and the church behave and speak wrongly. Yet for some, nothing is said, nothing is done, they are important, powerful, gifted leaders and that seems to be more important!
Those standing near lost sight of what was most important. The hypocrisy versus the offence and offence always wins.

Offence blinds hypocrisy.

Those who are least offended are so because they know they also have sins in their life, they have said things they shouldn’t have said. Those who are offended easily are blinded to their own hypocrisies. Recently on facebook I read a trail of statuses from people who were offended by a certain Church leader who had said something he probably shouldn’t have said. The statuses were led by a person I knew quite well and who had on numerous occasions said many a thing he shouldn’t have said!

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