MORE THAN the more than.

MORE THAN the more than.

Acts 23:13 “More than forty men were involved in this plot.”

We have established how though Paul was not where he wanted to be and even though the situation seemed to be going from bad to worse, the Lord was near. He was not away from the gaze of God. Even more importantly is that God would fulfil His purpose in Paul’s life.

Pain is not bigger than purpose.

Men had conspired and hatched a plot but God had planned the purpose for Paul a long time ago.

Man’s best plot is not bigger than purpose.

Luke writes there were more than 40 men involved.

Forty men:

Moses had 40 years in Egypt and then 40 years in the desert before God began to use him.

Jonah warned Nineveh for 40 days of the destruction that would come for their sin.

Ezekiel laid on his side for 40 days to demonstrate Judah’s sins.

Elijah fasted 40 days.

Jesus fasted 40 days during the desert trial and temptation.

The number 40 can represent a whole generation who died in the wilderness before reaching Canaan.


Whatever you may be going through today could be described as a desert, a trial and even it may feel like a lifetime. It can even be ‘more than’ that.

The enemy is doing his worst. You have lost count after 40. It is more than a trial. It is more than a wilderness experience.

How does this encourage?

The truth is the truth even when you have reached your very end.

God has purposed for your life even when the circumstance doesn’t get better it gets worse.

God is near you even when the enemy seems large around you.

God is always MORE THAN the more than of your situation.

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