The Christmas Herod

The Christmas Herod

Acts 23:30 “When I was informed of a plot to be carried out against the man, I sent him to you at once. I also ordered his accusers to present to you their case against him.”

The Commander continues in the letter to Felix to relay the story of rescuing Paul from the angry Sanhedrin. As we know at the crux of the story is the plot from evil men, 40 of them, to kill Paul.

The Christmas story is not only about the birth of Jesus but we incorporate into the wonder of that stage the desire of a certain ruler who wants to kill Jesus in his early childhood.

Not every character in the Christmas nativity play is a cute figure. If the story gets told in full then someone has to play the villain. That character is King Herod.

King Herod plotted to kill Jesus and told the Magi to find the child and to let him know where he is so that he could worship him. They didn’t for they knew it was a pretext for a hidden agenda and it fuelled his anger even more when they never returned.

Every year we hear of some council trying to kill off Christ in Christmas, banning advertising Christmas plays, cards, shop windows etc. Because of President Trumps announcement of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel the authorities in Bethlehem have turned off the Christmas lights which had apparently become a marvellous display of light. Bethlehem is now in darkness this Christmas.

People who have had a bad year may want to dismiss Christmas. Or maybe they just do not believe the story. Christmas is often dismissed. It always has been.

King Herod lives in every generation.



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