5 filter questions for busy lives

5 filter questions for busy lives

Acts 23:34 “The governor read the letter and asked what province he was from. Learning that he was from Cilicia …”

“Does this come under my authority? Is this my responsibility?” Those are the questions that were going through the mind of Felix, the Governor of Caesarea. If Paul had come from another province other than Cilicia then Felix would have been glad not to have dealt with the case. However, Cilicia was indeed under his authority.

This time of the year is good for reflection as we look back on all that has happened in the last 12 months and of course what is ahead of us. Maybe the busyness of our lives will benefit from holding in place a filter of questions that are taken from this verse we have read today:

  1. Do I need to read this? Not every circular should be read, regulate the hours you spend on spam (we don’t read our spam emails but we are never away from Social Media, which often is spam!). Once you ascertain its importance then there is a similar question to ask but even more necessary…
  2. Is this for me? Not everything that comes to you is for you.
  3. What question do I need to ask and to whom? Information is everything.
  4. Can this be given to someone else? Other people may be able to deal with it better than you.
  5. Am I responsible for this? Knowing what you are responsible for is crucial for life. Just because others expect you to take action doesn’t mean you do.

Being busy is good. However we must regulate our lives so that it remains good.

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