Even Bernice can be a servant.

Even Bernice can be a servant.

Acts 25:13 “A few days later King Agrippa and Bernice arrived at Caesarea to pay their respects to Festus.”

Suddenly onto centre stage come the most unlikely of couples. Agrippa and Bernice were a couple but they shouldn’t have been because they were in fact brother and sister! In fact it was at this time that the historians say the rumours started about the incestuous relationship and that 5 years after the trial of Paul Bernice married King Polemon for a short time before returning to her brother.

They would become important figures in this scene as we will see.

Never be shocked at who God uses. God is not contained by the wickedness and sin of people. His purposes are higher than that. Don’t let conduct blind you to the higher purposes of God.

Look around you today, doesn’t matter who they are, don’t write them off, don’t turn your head, it could be that God has brought them to the stage for such a time as this.

One Reply to “Even Bernice can be a servant.”

  1. Rev. Hudson,
    I have been reading the book of Acts for years, but you have giving me more taste and a hunger to go over and see that every verse matters a lot because there is a lesson to be learned and apply to every condition of life.
    Thank God for the inspiration.

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