Watch for own goals.

Watch for own goals.

Acts 25: 15 “When I went to Jerusalem, the chief priests and the elders of the Jews brought charges against him and asked that he be condemned.”

A couple of weeks ago whilst watching my favourite football team I marvelled at the goal scored by one of our great players. It really was a well-timed goal. The goalkeeper had no chance of saving it. The problem was it was an own goal. The player scored against our team, his team! I was speechless! Why did he do it? I am not sure. It was an accident obviously. Well I hope it was!

Paul is chained awaiting trial.

Festus begins to tell Agrippa about the case.

One of the greatest Gentile influencers from the Jewish world was being pursued by his own.

Paul was a Pharisee. He knew every street in Jerusalem. He was familiar with the Temple. In fact the problem had begun there. He knew the chief priests by name. He had journeyed with the elders. He shared the same faith, traditions, the laws and the culture. He was one of their own. Now they were condemning him.

Talk about an own goal!

Who needs an opponent when own goals are scored? Who needs an enemy when we self-defeat? Who needs an attack when we implode from within? Be careful who we try to bring down because if not careful we could end up losing the best thing that has happened in our generation.

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