The unexpected schemes of the enemy

The unexpected schemes of the enemy

Acts 25: 18 “When his accusers got up to speak, they did not charge him with any of the crimes I had expected.”

Festus tells Agrippa how surprised he was with the charges that were brought against Paul. We know from verse 7 and 8 that the charges were to do with the Jewish laws, the Temple worship and causing a revolt against Caesar. But on each of these charges there was no proof.

Whatever Festus expected he didn’t hear and what he heard could not be verified.

Never underestimate the hidden agenda of those who bring their complaints to you. What you might think is the reason for their angst may not be the reason at all. But their complaint can often wrong-foot you.

Who is speaking to you today? We all know not everyone will like us nor agree to walk with us. But some today face the voice of the enemy within. We may be surprised at the charges he brings. You see we would think he would raise the issue of our past and our sins. All those things we would expect, they are there and we are guilty as charged but thankful to the blood of Jesus which covers our sins. But the voice often accuses us in a variety of ways:

You can do more for God. Work longer and harder.

You are not good enough. Look at the other men and women of God.

Look how successful you have become.

Do you hear the praise of man? You like that don’t you?

You failed. God will not use you, want you or like you.

The majority are unexpected accusations.

Ultimately the number one reason for the voice of the accuser is to bring distance between you and God, whether by guilt or by removing grace.

Don’t be wrong-footed.

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