You belong to the Lord

You belong to the Lord

Acts 26: 10 “And that is just what I did in Jerusalem. On the authority of the chief priests I put many of the Lord’s people in prison, and when they were put to death, I cast my vote against them.”

Paul recognised that these were not just people that were put in prison and to their deaths, they were the ‘Lord’s people’. The journey to prison and death came because of the authority of man against people who belonged to the highest authority in heaven and earth, Jesus Christ. It is still going on today of course. More Christians than ever are facing persecution from the authority of man. We know that for sure and the statistics are horrifying.

However, what about you? Today you may wake to realise that your future is in the hands of an authority higher than you. You may think at times that you are just a pawn on a chess board, being used for the good of the game but willingly sacrificed when not needed. It is hard sometimes to grasp hold of purpose and design when pushed from pillar to post by a ruthless regime or a heartless manager etc.

Look at the verse again. Circumstances may not have changed for them but these were the ‘Lord’s people’. Today no matter what people say to you or even what they do to you. You may be demoted and discouraged today, you may be overlooked and oppressed, but lift your head, you belong to the Lord! He is LORD over anyone who tries to lord it over you. Don’t let anyone even take your life from you. NO! No one can take your life, you lay it down of your own accord (John 10:18 Jesus says, “No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again.”)

You belong to the Lord!

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