Right person, right process, right thing.

Right person, right process, right thing.

Acts 26: 12 “On one of these journeys I was going to Damascus with the authority and commission of the chief priests.”

Paul begins to share his testimony recorded for the 3rd time in Acts.

Paul went on a Missions journey to the major city of Syria.

Paul was given authority to do the task set before him.

Paul was commissioned, he was sent off, cheered on the way perhaps.

The person can be right. Paul was a leading Pharisee, well trained, he knew the Scriptures, he was zealous for them, passionate for God and for the preservation of Judaism.

The process can be right. Damascus was chosen, the leading city of Syria. He was given delegated authority to do the task, maybe he carried the credentials for the task, a certificate to say he had the rights. He was commissioned, “Go!” He felt the full support of his colleagues.

The person was right, the process was right but the purpose was wrong.

I haven’t read the book for some time but Jim Collins wrote in ‘Good to great’ about this concept of getting the right people doing the right things.

Being the right person reflects on that person. They have to carve and be carved to become competent, have the right character and be able to fit.

But doing the right things is a reflection on the leader of the right person. How many right people do you know are doing the wrong things?

In truth, God would step in and reveal that nothing was right. Paul would be changed into the right person and go through a right process of refinement and then be tasked to do the right thing.

It was that simple and it still is.

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