It is okay to count

It is okay to count

Acts 27:37 “Altogether there were 276 of us on board.”

“You are just a number!”

“We are not playing the number game!”

“It’s not about numbers!”

These are the statements so familiar to me. Throughout my life I have heard them a lot.

When I started out as a Pastor I had a graph on my study wall with the attendances of people coming to the church. In the first few years I enjoyed seeing the graph grow upwards, then we levelled out and so I took it down!

But perhaps counting is really important?

John records (21:11) that Peter caught 153 fish.

Luke counts and records 276 people on the ship including himself.

Some try and work out what the numbers meant. Maybe they didn’t symbolise anything except someone counted.

How many people are on board with you?

Count them. How many are you responsible for? How many are following you?

How many are with you? How many can you rely on?

The reason for counting them is because you care.

It’s okay to count, it is more than okay. Maybe we should count more than we do. Maybe it is actually a true indicator of how things are.

So go on, count today.



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