Rejection of the next move

Rejection of the next move

Acts 28: 26 “‘Go to this people and say, “You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.”

As the leaders of the Jews began to walk away from Paul in disgust, he quotes the prophet Isaiah. It is from chapter 6 where Isaiah has finally said ‘Here I am send me’ and then God tells him that the people will reject him. Paul sees that he has been sent and Israel was his first love, he desired so much for them to hear the gospel and he has been rejected.

There is an aspect of the ministry/missions life where as you go there needs to be no surprise when you are rejected. It is part of the course. How many more would say ‘Here I am send me’ if there was a guarantee of revival success? How many want an Isaiah ministry? The people are going to listen but they will not hear, they will look but they won’t see.

Is this because the presentation of the gospel was faulty? Is it because Isaiah/Paul or whoever is not gifted enough? Should this be a sign that they are finished now, that they should come home? The answer is of course NO.

The hardest thing is to try and show people an aspect of God they did not know when they are locked in to a revelation of God that is steeped in their culture generationally. Mono-revelatory people of God often reject the next revelation or move of the Spirit. Rejection hurts more when it comes from people of God than those who never knew Him.

What did Isaiah do? What will Paul do? What will you do?

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